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We are a national organisation with multiple branches, can you distribute call traffic?

To keep communication with customers and callers simple, many organisations that have multiple branches use a single service number. You can easily determine which branch and which employee incoming calls are transferred to.

This transfer can be done based on call data, among other things. Belfabriek offers two handy features that allow you, as a number owner, to easily route all incoming calls to the nearest branch of your organisation.

Routing based on area code

Do you have branches in different parts of the country? Then routing based on the caller's area code might be the ideal solution.

Our system compares the caller's area code with an area code table provided by you. On the basis of this table, it is determined to which branch or employee the incoming call should be forwarded.

This happens completely automatically and the caller does not notice anything.

Postal code-based routing

If you have several branches within one area code area, then postcode routing offers a solution. Here, callers are asked to key in the 4 digits of the postcode. These digits are compared with a postcode table provided by you to determine which branch or employee the incoming call should be routed to.

Can also be combined

If you now have, say, 3 branches in the country, and 2 more in one area code area, you can of course always combine both routings. In this case, callers from a certain place are routed based on their postcode, and callers from the rest of the country based on the area code.

Easy to set up

Setting up a postcode or area code routing is easier than you might think. We provide you with a ready-made table containing all postcodes and area codes. All you have to do is indicate where they should be delivered.

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