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I want to handle incoming calls differently on different days and times

Whether you are a one-man business, or run a 24-hour emergency service, you want all your incoming calls handled neatly. Depending on your organisation and the time of day when the call comes in, that will need to be done differently.

For example, many organisations let incoming calls outside working hours go to a report text and then to a digital answering machine. This still gives callers the opportunity to leave a message, and an employee can respond the next working day if necessary.

It is different in organisations that man a 24-hour emergency service, for example. There, they usually work in shifts and so incoming calls must always be transferred to the employee on duty.

What these organisations have in common is that both use time and date routing.

Setting time and date circuits

Setting up time and date routing is very simple at Belfabriek. You provide us with your opening hours schedule or roster, specifying what to do with incoming calls at any given time. We then do the rest and ensure that all calls are always delivered perfectly.

You can, of course, change this routing at any time.

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