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How does a service number work?

A service number is actually a virtual number. This means that callers to these numbers are thus transferred to a so-called "underlying" number; the final destination.

So your service number is not linked to a physical location, as your regular landline number is.

Service numbers are therefore not tied to a particular city or region, but are valid throughout the country.

How it works

Before your service number is connected to us, you specify the final destination, i.e. the normal telephone number to which calls should be delivered. You also specify which additional features, such as a call queue, choice menu or welcome text you want to use. This can be very simple, but full custom solutions built specifically for your situation are also possible.

When a caller calls your service number, the call first enters our intelligent platform called Interactive Voice Response (IVR) platform.

Depending on the settings, our IVR determines what to do with the incoming call and delivers the call to the final destination number you specify.

Works with your existing phone

It is important to note that with a service number, you therefore do not need to make any technical adjustments to your current infrastructure yourself. You have full control over your service number settings via

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