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I want to answer the phone with several flexible employees, what is possible for this?

One of the most common ways to use a service number is to answer calls with multiple employees. Think, for example, of helplines, customer service services or order lines.

As a Belfabriek customer, you have access to a number of features that allow you to arrange this in a perfect way. Some of these features no other provider can offer you!

Virtual call centre

With the Virtual Call Centre function, calls are automatically, evenly distributed among available employees. Callers are transferred in order of arrival. The employee who has not had a caller on the line for the longest time is first in line.

Letting callers choose employees

You can also choose to let callers indicate which employee they wish to be connected to.

This can be done by using a choice menu or by setting up box numbers for your virtual call centre. In both cases, callers key in a number or code that indicates the employee they wish to be connected to.

Employee availability arrangement

For this routing to work perfectly, it is important that employee availability is well organised. For this too, Belfabriek provides you with several handy tools.

Apart from a calendar function, you can also let employees set their own availability using

By allowing employees to log in and out themselves at the beginning and end of the shift, you can immediately respond to circumstances that require adjusted staffing. Having additional or different employees log in ensures that all incoming calls continue to be handled perfectly.

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