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Changing the phone number to which my service number transfers

A service number, is actually a virtual number. That is, incoming calls arrive on our platform first.

Once we land on our Interactive Voice Response (IVR), we can add all sorts of useful additional features to these calls before transferring the call to one of your existing phone numbers.

One of these additional features is that for each call, we can see which branch, department or employee within your organisation this particular call should be forwarded to. Even better, we can even see if we should try to reach the same employee on a landline or mobile.

This phone number we transfer to is also called the final destination number.

One of the most frequently used features on our platform is being able to change these final destinations in real time.

Change final destinations with the app

By far the easiest way to change final destinations is using our Belfabriek app for your mobile phone or tablet.

Within this app, you can manage final destinations directly or do so using an address book. In this address book, you collect frequently used final destinations. This way, you don't have to key in these phone numbers every time, but choose the right final destination from the list with one finger stroke.

New final destinations you set in this way are immediately active.

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