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Setting postal code routings

Do you have one national number but want to automatically forward calls to multiple branches or offices? Then Belfabriek offers the ideal solution!

In this article, we explain what options are available and give you links to documents to design your own routing.

Area code routing

If you use area code routing, switching is done based on the caller's area code.

You determine which area codes are forwarded to which branch or employee by filling in this excel sheet. You do this once and do not have to worry about it afterwards.

The caller is then automatically transferred to the right branch or employee.

Postcode routing

If you have several branches within one area code area, please use our postcode routing. Callers are thereby prompted to enter the 4 digits of their postcode. Based on this postcode data, they are then routed to your branch in the same neighbourhood or district.

Again, you determine which postcodes are forwarded to which branch or employee. You fill in this excel sheet once, and we will do the rest 👨💻👨💻

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