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Activating a postcode routing

With Postcode routing, calls are distributed based on - as the name suggests - the caller's postcode.

If you have Postcode routing set up on your service number, the caller will first hear an announcement asking them to enter the 4 digits of their postcode. Based on the digits entered, we will then route the call to your nearest branch or employee.

When can you use a Postcode routing

Postcode routing is ideal when you have several branches within one city or region and you always want to automatically transfer callers to your nearest branch.

A good example is a pizza chain with multiple branches within one city. With one number, the whole chain is perfectly accessible, and by using a Postcode routing, callers always order their pizza from the nearest branch.

If you have branches in different regions, then area code routing might be a good solution for you.

Difference with area code routing

The difference with the area code routing function is that with area code routing, the transfer is done completely automatically based on the caller's area code.

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