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Activating a queue

There are sometimes times when you cannot answer the phone right away.

Then it is convenient when a caller can be put on hold automatically for a while. This way, you make a professional, customer-friendly impression.

One of the many extra features available to you as a Belfabriek customer is the queue. This is another one of those features that we think are so important that they come as standard with a number. So you pay nothing extra at Belfabriek when you use this feature.

Queuing options

When you activate your Belfabriek queue, you can define what the maximum length the queue should be and what should happen to incoming calls when this maximum length is reached.

This allows you to set the maximum length in minutes or number of waiting calls, and when the maximum length is reached, you can have calls transferred to your Digital Answering Machine, or play an announcement text.

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