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Set statistics e-mail reports

As a Belfabriek client, you can receive regular free statistics e-mail reports.

You can choose how often you receive these reports. You can set this up easily via our online The emails are sent automatically at the frequency you set.

Also per employee

Apart from the regular statistics e-mail reports, as a Belfabriek client you can also receive regular reports with numbers of calls and minutes per employee.

Please use the Employee statistics e-mail reports for this purpose.

Usage examples

Statistics e-mail reports are mainly used to give management or executives, for example, a quick impression of your service number's key performance indicators.

In the emails, you will find an overview including the number of calls and the average call duration, as well as an overview of the number of calls per hour of the day and a top 5 callers.

This allows you to see at a glance whether you have enough staff available to answer callers at any time of day, as well as when there are callers who call back more often within one report period.

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