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See statistics percentages of calls by time or origin

For many number owners, it is important to know what proportion of calls occur outside working hours or how many calls originate from mobile callers.

The Belfabriek therefore offers its clients comprehensive real-time call statistics in which such data can be seen at a glance.

Peak/off-peak and mobile/fixed graphs

After logging into your dashboard, go to Statistics.

You will then see at the top of the page, in handy graphs, the proportion of calls occurring at peak or off-peak times, and the proportion of calls coming from mobile and from landline callers.

Further distributions

As you scroll further, you will see charts with distributions by day of the week and top 3 busiest hours, as well as locations of your callers and top end destinations.

All these statistics give you quick insight into how your number is performing. You can immediately see where employees are most burdened.

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