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On the team page, you can see your active virtual call centre

On this page, you can easily build your own virtual call centre in <10 minutes.

Enter all possible end destinations that calls can come in to. These can be VoIP phones, existing phones or mobile phones from all possible providers and networks.

By default, our PBX will offer incoming calls to the employee at the top of the list who is on active.

If this employee does not answer the phone, the PBX will offer the call to the next employee in the list that is set to active.

So in this example, you see 6 users of which 2 are active to answer phone calls at that time.

Teams pagina


Company logo: you can drag-n-drop your company logo in PNG format on the logo location at the top left. (1)

Passport photos - avatars: you can drag-n-drop photos of colleagues or, for example, icons of office locations onto the dolls to make your virtual call centre as clear as possible (2)

Add / modify users

Email the usernames and devices you would like added to your virtual call centre. Our support department will then add or change them within 1 working day

Changing order of incoming calls

Would you like a colleague to be placed in a higher position or in position 1 in your virtual call centre and thus be the first to receive incoming calls? Then drag this user to the desired position (3)

Setting yourself to available / unavailable

Going into a meeting or to a client? Then set yourself to unavailable by setting the slider to inactive. The PBX will then not offer you any phone calls. (4)

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