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Using and setting up speech-to-text bot

At is our speech bot.

This bot can have your texts spoken by a male or female voice.

You can create endless texts and create files.

Every time a new file is created by you on the website, a unique code is generated. (1)

text to speech code

You can keep track of the various codes on your computer in a document and situations for which you want to use them.

How do you activate a code for your welcome text, voice mail or phone menu?

Log in to our app.

Go to settings.

Choose the phone function where you want to use this text, e.g. Welcome text.

You can now paste the code and then play the file and set it as your welcome text.

You can also save multiple texts so you can always switch quickly and easily.

If there are multiple files, a drop-down window appears.

Choose the file you want to use, or add another speechbot code. (2).

Add speechbot code

Have fun with our speechbot !

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