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Is voicemail possible?

One of the many extra features you get as a Belfabriek customer with your number is voicemail. With us, this feature is called the Digital Answering Machine, as this best describes what it does and how it works.

A voicemail or Digital Answering Machine is often used in combination with time-date routing. Here, you specify which days and times you are available and what to do with incoming calls outside these times.
A Digital Answering Machine is then often chosen as a solution.

Your callers are hereby given the opportunity to record a message. This message is recorded by us and sent to you as an audio file by e-mail.

So you can listen to these recordings and answer callers at your convenience and never miss a call.

For callers, this has the advantage that they still feel they have been helped correctly, even if no one was available to speak to them at the time.

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