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I would like to have a welcome text.

A pre-recorded welcome text reassures callers, welcomes them, can tell callers what your opening hours and availability are, and introduces a possible phone menu where callers can indicate who they are looking for.

When you have your number with the Belfabriek, you have the option of adding such a welcome text to your number for free.

You can have this text recorded by a professional voice actor, or you can choose to do it yourself. The latter is slightly more personal and, especially if you have a "good telephone voice", definitely recommended. If you prefer to use a voice actor, we can help you with a wide selection of voices at friendly prices. For a budget friendly option, you could consider the text to speech bot.

Signalling texts

A welcome text is a special type of announcement text. The name is derived from its function; welcoming caller.

Apart from a welcome text, Belfabriek customers can, for example, use closed texts - pre-recorded texts to be used outside opening hours - or notification texts for choice menus and other options.

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