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What happens if I can't take a call?

Even if you can't take an incoming call for a while, you can make sure the call is handled perfectly. At Belfabriek, you have a number of functions at your disposal to help you do this. The most important functions are listed below.


With Belfabriek's overflow function, incoming calls are automatically transferred to another location or employee when you are on a call. This could be one of your own employees or an external call centre.
The only thing the caller notices about this transfer is that the phone is answered quickly and correctly.


To handle temporary peaks in the number of calls, you can use a call queue. You determine the maximum time a caller can be on hold and what should happen if the queue becomes too long.

Digital answering machine

Would you prefer to answer callers yourself without putting them 'on hold'? Then you can use our Digital answering machine function, also known as voice2mail. Callers are then given the opportunity to leave a message. This is recorded by us and sent to you by e-mail. You can then listen to the message and, if necessary, call the caller back at your convenience.

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