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What rates does Belfabriek charge?

Because you are already busy enough, Belfabriek keeps the rates simple and straightforward.

So at Belfabriek, you get a comprehensive set of key features that we things come with a number by default.

So with us, you do not pay extra for a recorded welcome text, a menu, a call queue and the ability to record a message. Each of these features can therefore save you between 10 and 75 euros per month compared to other providers.

Clear cost structure

At Belfabriek, you pay a fixed monthly subscription fee.

Depending on the country and type of your service number, and where your call is routed to, there will be additional charges per minute and per call.

If you want to know exactly, contact us for a tailor-made quote.

Some Happy Belfabriek telephony customers: