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When I am busy, callers get a busy tone, can there be a queue on?

Sometimes you may be busy for a while and still want to be able to answer callers. This is why, as a Belfabriek customer, you have access to a Call Waiting function. This is one of the many extra features you get as standard with your Belfabriek.

How the queue works

A service number is a virtual number. This means that a call first reaches our platform, after which we transfer the call to your normal phone. This transfer can be done intelligently and here we can add all kinds of extra functions that you don't have with a normal phone number.

One of these additional features is the queue.

Queuing options

When you activate your Belfabriek Queue, you can define what the maximum length the queue should be and what should happen to incoming calls when this maximum length is reached.

You define the maximum length in minutes or number of waiters and, when the maximum length is reached, you can have calls transferred to your Digital Answering Machine, or have an announcement text played.

You can change your Queue settings in your

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