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Toll free for callers


Toll free for callers

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Advantages of ordering an American phone number

Benefits of registering a number from the United States via Belfabriek include:

  • your company can also be reached by phone in another country

  • features such as welcome text possible

  • no new hardware or phones needed

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Frequently asked questions

A foreign phone number and a phone number in your home country to which we can transfer your callers.

This varies from country to country. Some countries require a local branch address, while others do not have this branch requirement.

You can choose a local foreign number, national foreign number or toll-free foreign number, depending on what is included in the legal numbering plan in that country.

We pay foreign operators a so-called interconnection tariff and/or transit charges. These are costs incurred to transport traffic from the foreign country to the local country. Count on 5-15 cents per minute and any local surcharges for your foreign number.

Yes, this is not a problem. We can transfer from the telephone exchange to the current number or provide new devices at your current location or abroad.

The caller does not notice this. This is also the reason why a lot of companies handle customer service in another country. Or do not open their own physical branches in all countries.

We can make a beep or play a notification "United States" so you know a company is calling from this country.

We deliver the calls to the location of your choice:

To the home address of colleagues

To different offices

To different countries

Answer calls wherever you want!

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