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Voice files for announcements

Published in IVR (Interactive voice response)

Virtual phone numbers that transfer calls are active on our Interactive Voice Response system.

This IVR performs tasks based on instructions given by the caller - by pressing a key or speaking a message.

For you, this form of automation is very convenient: employees can now spend their valuable time on other things.

Many tasks performed by the IVR involve playing announcement texts.

There are many different types of announcement texts that can be played at different times in the call.

You can specify exactly which announcement texts should be played at which moment. Below is a list of the most frequently used announcement texts. Below this list are some tips for optimal results.

Welcome message

This is the first message callers hear when they connect to your phone number. This is an important message because it is how you make the first impression. Seize this opportunity with a friendly message that welcomes callers and puts them at ease.

Notification drop-down menu

When using a dial menu, this notification is indispensable.

For each choice within the phone menu, the caller will hear a message: "dial 1 for..., dial 2 to speak to the department...". Upon final transfer to an employee or department, the IVR also plays a message ("you are now being transferred to...").

Remember to also record a message for callers who do not make a choice, e.g. "you did not make a choice or your choice was not recognised..."

Queue notification

Is a caller on hold because all staff are busy? This can be a frustrating experience for a caller, but with the right notifications, they are more aware of where they stand and less likely to hang up the phone: "there are still...waiting for you."

When the maximum waiting time is reached, you can give callers the option to leave a message. This is friendlier than asking them to call back.

Notification digital answering machine

With this notification, you tell callers that they can leave a message after the beep. Tip: also tell what will happen after that message is recorded. What a caller prefers to hear is that you listen to the recorded message and quickly get back in touch.

Closed notification or opening hours notification

This notification informs callers of opening hours and is played after closing time.

Notification post-coderoutering

Postcode routing requires the caller to key in the first digits of the postcode. The message asks the caller to do this and explains why: " that we can connect you to the nearest branch."

A good voice for your notifications

There are 3 ways to submit notifications:

1. By recording them on your mobile phone. Save the sound file and email us this file.

2. Provide us with the text the caller needs to hear and we will have it recorded by a professional voice actor. There is a charge for this, which the voice actor will charge (count on 100-150 euro one-off costs).

3. Provide us with the text the caller needs to hear and we will have it spoken by our text-to-speech bot. This sounds almost perfect and is the most commonly chosen in 2023.

Frequently asked questions

You can email us the sound files and we will configure them in your telephone system. You can also provide us with the text that we will have the computer pronounce.

All notifications are played on all incoming calls.

You can Google professional voice over and this way find someone who can record an announcement text for you. We also have knowledge of some voice actors and can help you with this too.

We can play a greeting to every caller. Supply us with the text or an audio file and we will take care of the rest.

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