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Mobile VOIP: improved accessibility and flexibility

Published in Voice over IP

If you are looking for VoIP mobile, are you looking for a solution to make cheap calls or receive calls, or a good business solution for you as an entrepreneur to receive calls on your mobile but also on a fixed number and the possibility to switch between them?
If you are looking for the best solution, we can help you!

We route the calls to your mobile: but the official way, via the fixed GSM network. And we pay interconnection fees to your mobile operator. It may be more expensive, but it is the best solution.

If you're looking for a cheap solution that requires you to install an application on your mobile phone in order to receive mobile calls via VoIP, we (unfortunately) can't help you. Many business owners assume or believe that this will always work, but often an app is inactive or in sleep mode on your phone to save battery power and you will not receive calls. You often don't notice until months later when you hear that you were unreachable for the new customer. By then it's too late.

Being reachable is more important than ever for business owners.
So choose a business VoIP telephony solution that always works, so you can be reached wherever you are, and calls are routed to your landline or mobile via the official networks.

Frequently asked questions:

This is mainly a way of saving money for the provider, as as many calls as possible are delivered over the internet rather than your mobile operator's network. They try to use your phone's data connection, but this is not as reliable as going straight to your phone. So be careful if you want to make sure that every call gets through.

We direct calls to your mobile number. This mobile number is hidden from the caller, keeping business and personal calls separate. We can play a beep or other notification so you know it is a business call.

Mobile VoIP calling is not an official term. There can be several telecom solutions. We believe that the best mobile VoIP solution is to make and receive calls using your mobile phone over the GSM network. You are not dependent on a working internet connection.

We can easily link new or existing phone numbers to your phone plan. Whether this is your mobile phone or a colleague's landline, we can create a flexible calling plan to ensure you are and remain accessible.

We can create a VoIP account for your VoIP phones so they can log into our online PBX. We can add your mobile phone to your phone plan. So you can be reached wherever you are.

This is also a form of mobile VoIP, but you will always be dependent on your mobile data connection. You may also experience problems with your connection if you have a WiFi connection and receive calls this way. We do not recommend this, nor do we recommend using an app on your mobile phone for business calls. You may be able to make free calls, but the quality is not always as good.

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