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VOIP Services Complete | Unique 15 Features Included

Published in Voice over IP

If you are looking for VoIP services, you are probably looking for a new landline number and features such as call forwarding, a selection menu or call recording. Then you've come to the right place! We focus on the business fixed line market.

Our numbers forward incoming calls to your current or new phones: landline, mobile or new VoIP phones.

Convenient phone functions

Telephone features are useful for making you as a business owner perfectly reachable. Consider a options menu. A pull-down menu allows callers to choose from a number of options so they can be directed to the right person more quickly.

For example, you can easily program virtual departments on your phone number and let callers transfer themselves to the right person. This is very useful for start-ups who want to answer the phone intelligently with several colleagues.

In professional companies, a welcome message is often played before the menu. This is an opportunity to greet calling customers in a consistent, polite and friendly way and to convey what your company stands for.

If you create a text that the caller hears when they call your company and send it to us, we will place it as a welcome text on your phone number. Our voice computer will speak this text (sounds perfect!) and the caller will be welcomed in this way.

One of the most commonly used features is direct transfer. With VoIP, the company number is a virtual number that can be transferred to a landline or mobile phone.

This is ideal for start-ups or small businesses where no one is always present.
You can also transfer incoming calls to a friend or regular colleague.

Unique additional features at the Belfabriek

Belfabriek also has a number of unique additional features on its VoIP telephony platform, such as:

  • Call statistics by e-mail: comprehensive statistics of incoming calls on your phone number sent by e-mail.

  • Recording telephone conversations: recording telephone conversations for training purposes, for example, or recording appointments over the phone.

  • An online SMS tool: easily and quickly send text messages to groups of customers.

  • Peak traffic relief: accommodating a sudden large influx of calling customers, for example after a major marketing campaign.

  • A webhook: run scripts yourself to change settings.

  • Statistics: tracking whether the goals you have set for, for example, accessibility are achieved.

All the unique extra features are also included in the Belfabriek VoIP services package.

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Frequently asked questions:

VoIP calling means making digital calls using a voice connection over the Internet or a local data network. Here, voice is digital and sent over data. This is also where the term VoIP stands for: Voice over IP. This is an Internet Protocol and the replacement of traditional telephony.

Hosted VoIP means that you purchase full VoIP telephony from a VoIP provider. This provider provides you with your own telephone number, the delivery of incoming calls to the desired telephones and accounts for your VoIP telephones.

You do not need a working internet connection for our VoIP services because we also transfer calls to your mobile phone. This is useful if you are on the road or abroad a lot. It is HD audio so very high quality.

You can cancel your landline because VoIP telephony is calling over the Internet when it comes to outgoing calls. You no longer need a fixed line. Your phone system is located in our data centre and you connect to it via the Internet.

With us, you do not need a mobile app to receive calls. Often, calls do not arrive on the app because it is inactive or in sleep mode and you miss a call. We don't want you to miss business calls and therefore deliver directly to your mobile.

You will need a special VoIP phone. This is a digital Internet phone that logs in to our phone system over the Internet.

You can establish a link with your CRM package so that when incoming calls are received, a pop-up appears with the information from this package.

Tell us which devices you want to answer calls on and what the caller hears when he calls you, and we will adjust this routing and configure the rest. So you don't need to log into phone systems or be able to work with certain software. You don't necessarily need a working internet connection either.

We are specialists when it comes to routing calls across multiple branches. We do this as 2000 for organisations operating nationwide and have a great deal of experience in this field. We also have enough lines so that callers are always connected properly. Depending on the needs, we can also provide an API that allows programmers to set up all the traffic themselves in real time for the branches.

It is not important to us which brands you use, our solution works with all types of phones. When it comes to VoIP phones, we prefer Yealink because we have Yealink factory software that allows us to remotely update and read devices.

PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange, which is the old-fashioned term for phone system in English. This is an old term that expresses that you have a private branch network in addition to the public telephone network. Hosted PBX is an English term for the new form of telephony where companies make calls over the Internet and no longer require a physical phone system. In Europe, we use more the term VoIP telephony or hosted VoIP.

The advantages of VoIP telephony include the fact that you no longer need to make a high investment in a physical phone system. All calls are handled via the Internet and mobile phone, and you can easily add users. All features are also easy to add remotely.

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