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If you are looking for VoIP solutions, you will know by now that VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, a protocol that allows voice (telephony) to travel over data. This could be your fibre optic connection or your internet connection.

This means that there are many new telephony solutions available on the Internet. There are many providers with different solutions for your telephone connectivity.

What works and what does not? What do you need to be aware of when making calls over the Internet and how can you, as an entrepreneur or company, optimise your availability?
We will explain it to you in the best possible way.

What is best for your business depends on your size and use case: do you travel a lot? Do you have several branches? Do you want to equip an office with phones and use home workers?
In any case, one thing is certain: for reliable business use, any solution that requires you to install an application to receive calls is not good.

The downside of using an app to receive calls is that the app is often not turned on or is automatically in sleep mode to conserve battery power. This also means you can't receive calls. Unfortunately, you won't realise this until a potential client emails you or months later and says you weren't available at the time.

A VoIP solution where calls come in on the mobile app is a budget solution. The call is not routed through the cell towers of the mobile operator you subscribe to, but the provider (or more often an internet start-up) tries to route the call over the internet. This is done to avoid paying interconnection charges to the mobile operator for the traffic.

You are guaranteed to miss calls this way. How many calls are you prepared to miss each month? In other words, how much is a new customer worth to you?

If you are a start-up or an established business and want to distribute calls to 1 central number across multiple mobiles, make sure these calls are delivered to your mobile number. Without an app. Then you can be sure of good quality.

Our switchboard has a special web page where you can set up a call team. You can specify who is in the group to answer calls and whether they are available or not. In this way, you can easily build a simple but perfectly functioning call centre. Based on existing phones. This is perfect for many smaller businesses and entrepreneurs, as it allows them to be highly accessible without high investment and never miss a call.

If you want to expand with fixed telephony, we can provide you with VoIP accounts so you can connect your VoIP devices to our online switchboard. This allows you to add new phones wherever you want, in the office or at home, in addition to your mobile phones and existing landlines.

We believe this is the way to set up business telephony for you, with existing or new phone numbers that you can easily activate online directly with us.

This form of business telephony is also known as hosted VoIP to indicate that you no longer need to purchase your own telephone exchange, but can purchase a VoIP solution hosted by an online telephone exchange provider.

This eliminates the need for an on-site technician and unexpected repair costs, and you don't have to wait long if you want to increase the number of lines or activate other add-ons.
We always start with a new phone number or the transfer of an existing phone number to our VoIP telephony platform. We often do this on the same business day, and then we build the functionality you want.

As you have read, we often start with your existing mobile number, so you can get started straight away, try it out and use the phone number on your website and promotional material.

From there we grow together.

Another form of business telephony we often set up is for large, national companies. With branches, or high call volumes, or special requirements. We build these solutions completely bespoke, based on the voice platform we develop ourselves. That way, these companies always know exactly what they want is what they get, and they do not have to try out yet another brand of PBX. In fact, we also build bespoke solutions.

We are not a platform reseller or a so-called reseller: we have our own telephony platform and our own telecom interconnect: when you connect with us, we will always help you find the best solution quickly.

Frequently asked questions:

You no longer need a landline to make calls. You can of course use a mobile phone, or if you want a separate business phone number, you can activate it online with us and have it forwarded to this number as well as the numbers of your partner or colleagues. This way you quickly have a business number without a landline.

Separate telephone lines are no longer needed as voice circuits are built over data connections. Voice, like video, has become a protocol carried over data. So there is no need for a separate line. It is bundled.

We can always give you a trial number with the features you want, such as a selection menu, welcome message and call recording. You can try this remotely and if you like it, keep the number and we will welcome another new customer. Please note in your search that you do not need to install an app to receive calls, this is a budget solution where you risk not receiving calls!

We can programme a telephony solution that makes everyone reachable from anywhere: do you want to use new phones or existing ones? Do you want to make calls via the internet or via your mobile operator? Just let us know and we will do the rest. It all comes down to call forwarding. Who our platform can forward calls to at any time and what the caller hears when they call your business during and outside office hours.

You can take your fixed line number with you (number portability) if you like our VoIP telephony solution. This is regulated by law. This way, customers can continue to call your familiar number and you don't lose it. Of course, you can also get a new phone number from us.

With VoIP telephony, not all calls go over the Internet. Most calls still go over private data networks between telecom providers, and in businesses over private fibre or copper connections. But a small proportion go over the internet. But all calls over any data connection are set up using the VoIP protocol, a digital internet protocol that allows you to make phone calls over data connections. That's what's new in terms of technology and connectivity. We hope you'll see the difference and how communication works.

As a protocol, it is obviously reliable. It is probably just as important to you that the service you already have is reliable and meets your needs. Then make sure that calls are not delivered to an application. This is not reliable, especially for a business telephony solution.

We can route calls to any device: fixed or mobile, in the office or at home. Our solution is not dependent on a working internet connection. Because we route from our platform, we can always connect any of your colleagues and integrate devices.

We can also license the platform we develop to you so that you can install it on a server in your own data centre. We can provide an API for it, or you can program whatever you want in C##. We are happy to help you along the way.

As a phone company, we have focused on the business market since 2000 with reliable, high quality telephony services. Consumer telephony products are often based on mobile telephony and/or an application you need to install to receive calls via VoIP. We do not offer (budget) home telephony.

We can programme departments under the same telephone number using one or more dialling menus. This can be a national number. You do not need any other separate equipment on site, we manage everything remotely.

You can send us an audio file with your message, or send us the text and we will have it spoken by our text-to-speech computer. We can also have it recorded by a professional voice actor if you want it absolutely perfect.

There is a Starter and Budget subscription and a Professional Business subscription. This depends on how big or small your business is and whether you want to do everything yourself or let us manage it for you.

We have a dedicated web page for each company where they can put together the call team and everyone can indicate who is available at that time.

VoIP solutions require a working internet connection and VoIP phones that can register with the online phone system. However, our business telephony solution also works with mobile phones and your home landline. This gives you maximum reachability, much more flexibility and no dependence on an active internet connection and internet calls.

There is no limit to the number of phone numbers we can activate for your business. We have phone numbers in all European countries to give you optimal reachability. We route these calls to an unlimited number of mobile phones or landlines in any location.

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