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VoIP Subscription | Complete all-in-one VoIP subscription

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Belfabriek is the phone company with the best VoIP subscription. Are you looking for a nice phone number for your company? A telephone exchange with all the functionalities?

Get a VoIP subscription with us and connect your VoIP phone directly to our VoIP Exchange so you can make calls over the Internet.

Or start with a dedicated phone number so you can be reached immediately!

This fixed number will be connected to our switchboard and we will be happy to set up a VoIP subscription for your business if you have a VoIP device that can receive calls.

We have a range of VoIP subscriptions to suit the size of your business. A subscription with a single phone number and call forwarding to your mobile, a phone number that you can flexibly extend to different phones and an office package that allows you to provide telephony to all your workstations.

Unlimited calls or pay per call: the choice is yours.

Your subscription includes a fixed number: this can be a national or regional number, depending on your target audience and location.

You are not dependent on a working internet connection: we also route calls to your mobile or any other phone connection. So you don't have to worry about all your calls being routed over the internet and missing calls.

The kind of telephony we offer is business telephony with the highest possible reliability, with all the functionality in the cloud.

Choose us as your VoIP provider and start your VoIP subscription today!

Frequently asked questions:

You need a VoIP subscription to register VoIP phones on our VoIP telephone exchange. If you only need a new phone number, we can also transfer this to already existing (mobile) phones.

In all European countries, PSTN telephony networks have been or are being phased out. There are now superfast internet connections in all countries over which fine voice can be sent. Traditional telephone lines are therefore no longer needed.

Eventually, all companies (and individuals) will start making calls over internet connections and voice will be one of the protocols that goes over this connection (just like video and email).

We do not provide an internet connection, we provide phone numbers and telephony services over an existing internet connection or on existing (mobile) phones.

We are a VoIP provider specialising in the business market since 2000 and founded in the Netherlands.

We provide landline telephony via VoIP, you can pick and activate a nice phone number directly with us and then we will programme all the desired functionalities on it, such as a choice menu, waiting music, voicemail or listening back to phone calls.

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