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What does UK 030 phone number cost? England 030 numbers explained

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What does it cost to call a 030 phone number as a caller?

030 telephone numbers can be called at fixed-line tariff, i.e. local tariff.

So there is no difference in call charges between a 030 number and local fixed telephone numbers, like for example London 204 phone numbers.

What does it cost for the number holder?

An own 030 number costs €45 per month at Belfabriek. The call charges are included. There is a fair use policy for this.

What do we mean by 'fair use'?

Most clients who use a 030 telephone number do not incur call charges. To determine what is fair use, we divide the total incoming call traffic that we process by the number of customers. This monthly average is our standard. If you stay below this average, call traffic is free. Even if you are one or a few months above, there is no problem. If it happens (much) more often, we will contact you by phone to see what is reasonable.

How does this work out in practice?

If you handle an average of up to 20 calls per day, that's included. It doesn't matter whether you have callers on your landline or your mobile number. As long as it is a Dutch telephone number. Organisations that process customer contacts with 1-4 people almost always fall under the fair use policy. But beware; if you decide to advertise on a large scale, for example on radio or TV, the call traffic can increase significantly. In that case, we kindly ask you to contact us. Are you a large organisation applying for a number and do you expect a lot of call traffic? Please also consult us. Thank you!

Why Belfabriek?

Since 1999 Belfabriek has been the only telephone company in Europe that focuses on the registration of British 030 numbers. Our subscription includes all possible features and the costs are clear and concise. There are no hidden costs, so no surprises afterwards.

Extra functions included

When you register a 030 number with Belfabriek you can use functions that will further professionalize your business telephony.

Think for instance about the legal recording of phone calls. With this you can record appointments made over the phone. On the other hand, you can use the recorded conversations for training purposes.

Furthermore, it is possible to set up a call queue at no extra cost, e.g. for when it is busy. A selection menu can help to get callers to the right department and staff as quickly as possible.

A function that is increasingly used in connection with working from home is the transfer of the telephone number to a mobile phone. This way you can easily manage your 030 telephone number via your mobile device. Through the Belfabriek app you can change the availability of yourself or your employees. You and your employees are no longer tied to the office to take business calls. This can be done from wherever you want, from any device: mobile, tablet, PC, softphone, hardphone, VoIP phone.

Manage your 030 telephone number without worries

You can use all these functions for free and without limitation. With other providers of 030 telephone numbers, it is often the case that you have to pay extra for this. And these costs are unclear. So it can happen that after the end of the month you are confronted with higher costs than you expected. This will never be the case with Belfabriek. Here you can use your 030 number with all its functions without any worries.

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