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What is cloud telephony?

Published in Voice over IP

What is Cloud Telephony?

Cloud telephony is a term that is increasingly appearing on the websites of telephony providers. This is not surprising, as cloud telephony is a solution that has been growing in popularity over the past few years. The days of traditional phone lines are behind us and cloud telephony has become the new normal. But what exactly is cloud telephony? And why is it becoming so popular?

How does Cloud Telephony work?

When you choose a cloud telephony solution, you are choosing digital telephony over an internet connection. This means that calls are no longer made over a dedicated phone line, but over the internet. In 2023, this will be the latest way to make calls. The phone call is set up in data packets that are sent back and forth between people and the cloud over an internet connection. The result is a phone call over the internet with very high quality sound, without the need for an old-fashioned phone cable.

Cloud telephony, or hosted VoIP, is popular for a reason. It saves you the expensive installation and maintenance costs of a local solution. And with cloud telephony, you basically outsource all your worries to the provider. You pay a fixed monthly fee in the form of a subscription. Because the provider can serve many customers through the cloud solution, subscription costs can be kept low.

Hassle-free cloud telephony via Belfabriek

When you choose cloud telephony from Belfabriek, you choose worry-free accessibility. For one low monthly fee, you also get a host of features such as a selection menu, welcome message, call recording and much more to help you get the most out of your cloud telephony subscription!

Frequently asked questions:

Cloud telephony and hosted telephony are used interchangeably to refer to a fully delivered telephony service. Hosted VoIP is another term for cloud telephony.

Yes. Different solutions and fixed-mobile integration are possible. Fixed and mobile telephony together form cloud telephony.

Most forms of cloud telephony work with an online switchboard, where phones log on to the switchboard via an internet connection. In this case, everything is in the internet cloud. If you prefer, you can also install a PBX in your office and connect it to the telephony platform using a SIP trunk.

Voice over IP is voice over data. It is the technology that enables telephony over data connections (Internet).

Cloud telephony still works with landline phones. These are digital VoIP phones. Devices that connect to the online PBX via a data connection. But it also works with mobile devices. This gives you much more flexibility.

You can easily have homeworkers answer calls by including homeworkers' phones in the calling plan. You can easily set the availability of these homeworkers via a dedicated web page. This ensures optimal availability.

You can be reached wherever you are because you are no longer dependent on the location of your landline. Your availability is much better because we route calls to whoever you want at that moment.

Our solution also works without an internet connection, as there is no need to download an app to receive calls. We offer a business cloud telephony solution for entrepreneurs who want reliable VoIP telephony.

We can transfer your current phone numbers to our telephony platform so that your business remains reachable on your current numbers. The transfer takes place during the day with no downtime and is legally regulated between providers.

On our dedicated website, you can control who gets incoming calls and when. This is how you build your own virtual call centre via the cloud. It works on your mobile and your landline.

We have provided some handy links to the most popular CRM tools. You can make your own communication flows even clearer by logging incoming calls in your CRM package. This will keep you up to date.

Your PBX comes standard with the most commonly used features such as dialling, call waiting, call recording and flexible call forwarding. We set this up for you.

We route calls through our own interconnection with the GSM and telephony networks. So you don't need to install an app to receive calls. This ensures better call quality.

The phone provider you subscribe to has a phone switchboard that is accessible over the internet. Once you subscribe to a provider, they will create credentials for you and you will be able to log your devices into that switch in the cloud. It is important for you to know that we have developed our own telecoms platform and are not a reseller of other solutions. So you can be sure that we can help you best and move quickly.

Calling is not free (of course). Telephone companies still charge each other interconnection fees to exchange calls. In that sense, nothing has changed. However, there are now subscriptions with unlimited calls. There are also providers that require you to install an application to receive calls. These providers do not pay interconnection fees, but they are also of lower quality because calls are often lost over the internet or because the app is not active on the phone.

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