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What is hosted telephony?

Published in Voice over IP

Are you familiar with the term "host"?

Your host tonight: David Letterman!

Here it means host or organiser.

The term hosted means fully organised.

In the telephony world, hosted telephony means a fully remotely configured telephony solution where you no longer need a physical PBX in your office.

With VoIP telephony being the new way of calling, hosted telephony is the most interesting form of telephony solution possible.

Rather than having a technician on site to activate a phone number with a line, a provider can instantly activate a phone number remotely and a set of VoIP accounts that VoIP devices can use to log on to this online PBX.
The provider can configure and manage everything remotely, making it a hosted telephony solution.

You are quickly up and running with full telephony functionality without the need for a large investment, and you no longer need a dedicated phone line as everything is routed through your internet connection for a fixed monthly fee (and a call charge if applicable). The phones register with the hosted PBX. As you can see, everything is 'hosted'.

With hosted telephony, you don't necessarily need new VoIP phones: if you want a new business phone number that forwards to your mobile phone, that's also possible. This is another form of hosted telephony where you have all the functionality of a PBX, but calls are simply routed to your mobile phone.

This form of hosted telephony opens up new possibilities: home workers can easily be included in the call group, and fixed and mobile phones have become one: you can be reached everywhere on the same number.

You are always offered the latest features because when your provider upgrades the telephony platform, the new features are immediately available and everyone is up to date.

If you have a CRM system and want to link it to your communications solution, hosted telephony also makes it easy to do this by installing a 'plug-in'. That way, when someone calls you, you immediately see a screen with information about your customer. We have links to the most popular CRM packages.

If you have multiple offices, hosted telephony is ideal: you can create 1 user group of colleagues across all offices and locations. There is no need to install separate phone lines for each location, as everything runs over the existing internet connection.

Hosted telephony is also cost transparent: there are no unexpected bills for a visiting technician, a hardware component to be replaced in the switchboard or a necessary software upgrade. These costs were often an unforeseen expense for the business, but are no longer as the PBX is in the cloud.

Frequently asked questions:

Both forms of telephony are hosted telephony that no longer require a physical phone system on site.

We make customised hosted telephony for large companies and international players, for small and start-up entrepreneurs we have a nice communication solution where you can flexibly forward a fixed phone number to 1 or more devices. You can change this in real time via a web page.

With hosted telephony, your PSTN connection is redundant and you can cancel it. With hosted VoIP, calls are delivered over your data connection, the Internet or mobile network - whatever works best for your business.

We also have an unlimited calling option, but with a fair use policy: if you call a lot, we charge you the normal price per minute. This is because there are still interconnection charges between telecoms operators, and these haven't got any cheaper with hosted voice.

We have been providing telephony and numbers since 2000. This makes us one of the most experienced providers in Europe.

All you need to use hosted telephony is a phone number. We configure the features you want on that number and then route the calls to your new VoIP phones, or your existing mobile phone if you don't want to buy new phones yet. This way you can quickly start using the standard calling features and integration options.

Mobile phones are very much part of our hosted telephony solutions. You can have a business phone number on only mobile phones with us with all the convenient phone features in the cloud.

You can always buy a landline phone and add it to the call group. You can connect any brand of phone, we personally prefer Yealink because we have the handy admin tool from the factory to remotely update and manage phones.

Our phone numbers are virtual numbers. We forward calls to your landline or mobile. This means you can be reached wherever you are and you can share calls between colleagues.

With hosted telephony, you pay per user so you don't get any unexpected bills. Our packages include enough users to allow you to grow without additional costs.

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