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Your company's phone number is not for a moment. Customers are used to these phone numbers and have it programmed into their phones. You probably have the number printed on leaflets and stationery and it cannot be easily changed.

So no wonder your phone number should remain yours! But that doesn't mean you then always have to keep that number with the same phone company. After all, you can also port phone numbers.

What is number porting? 

Phone number porting is the transfer of phone numbers from the old provider to the new provider. This way, you continue to use the phone number you had as usual, but in the background the provider may have changed. The government has regulated this number porting by law. This is called number portability. Customers do not notice anything about this and for you the switch is hassle-free.

At Belfabriek you keep the same number

Number portability is easily arranged through Belfabriek. Whether you have a national phone number, or a local area code, you can transfer your current phone number to Belfabriek.

This can have many advantages! For example, you will benefit from years of experience, advantageous rates, the many options in Belfabriek's telephony packages, as well as continuous reachability on your familiar phone number. How about that?

Number portability when moving

When you port your phone number to Belfabriek, we make sure it remains reachable for your customers. You don't need any new numbers. We connect the existing number to your mobile phone or the VoIP phones you already have. No one notices anything. Improved reachability on your familiar number, perfectly arranged by us! You can request a number transfer via our service desk and we will process the transfer with the current provider on the date you want.

Number portability when switching to VoIP

Even if you switch to internet calling, your current phone number can remain the same. We put your ported numbers in the cloud and make sure that customers calling your phone numbers come directly to you: at any location. Per the date you give us.

Porting your number too?

You may wish to transfer and keep your phone number. It is therefore nice to know that when you transfer to Belfabriek, you are guaranteed to keep your company's phone number !

Frequently asked questions

How soon can I take my number to Belfabriek?

We can port a phone number on the date you specify. Please note any current contracts. You can check this with your current provider. We do not have access to the underlying contract.

Do I need to carry out technical operations for the porting myself?

Telecom operators among themselves have a platform to transfer phone number. Give us a date and we will perform the porting on the agreed date.

Do I need to notify my old provider about the porting?

With a porting, you should inform your old provider that you are switching. Then he will know that a transfer is incoming and will not have to block it. Preferably send a written cancellation by registered mail, so that you have proof of the cancellation. We do not work with an authorisation form because we do not know who you authorise and whether they are authorised by you on the right conditions to cancel subscriptions on your behalf.

How do I get the end date of the contract?

You can request the end date of your contract from your current provider. We do not have access to this.

Is a number porting always processed on the specified date?

No. If you haven't cancelled with the old provider or only want to take your number with you at the end of the contract, the transfer is at a later date.

I want to transfer quickly and actually want a new phone number. What is the best way to go about this?

Request a new phone number from us and put a notification on your old phone number informing callers of your new phone number.

What does the term porting mean ?

The term porting derives from the English term 'to port'. This stands for transferring code from one platform to another. In this case number routing code from telephony platform A to telephony platform B.

Should telecom providers cooperate with number portability?

Telecom providers must cooperate with number portability. This is regulated by law. If porting is requested for numbers, these telephone numbers should be transferred by the old provider (leaving provider) to the new provider. You do need to send a notice to the old provider so that they know that a porting has been requested for 1 or more phone numbers.

The roadmap below is best:

Send a registered letter to your current provider that you wish to terminate the current contract and that you wish to make use of number portability and porting of phone numbers will take place.

Inform your new provider that you want to take your old phone numbers with you. Your phone provider will then request a porting from your old provider.

The phone numbers will now be active through your new provider on the date you want. The porting is thus completed. The ported numbers should now appear in your customer environment under your new customer number.

You can see that the telecom providers have rules to properly transfer you as a subscriber. Welcome to Belfabriek !

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