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Belfabriek x Zoiper

  • Best independent softphone

  • Possible on any smartphone or computer

  • Easy to manage

We think Zoiper is the best independent softphone on the global market.

If you are looking for a real full-fledged softphone then go for Zoiper.

Zoiper is on top of the market for almost 15 years. They offer a free and premium softphone solution.

You can start with a free softphone and if you like it and want more options (video, chat) you buy your own license for a one-time fee of 50 euro.

The process is simple:

  1. Download Zoiper Lite - the free version

  2. Get a VoIP account on our telephone platform so you can use Zoiper with our telephony (you find this in your account with us or email us for another account)

  3. Insert the VoIP details in Zoiper and you can make and receive phone calls!

Frequently asked questions:

Zoiper is a software-based Voice Over IP (VOIP) phone service that can be used on various platforms, including Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, and iOS. It allows users to make phone calls over the internet, thus bypassing traditional phone services.

Yes, Zoiper can be used for both personal and business communication. It's particularly useful for businesses as it can help cut costs on traditional phone services, plus it offers features like conference calls, call forwarding, and call recording.

Zoiper is relatively lightweight and can be run on a variety of systems, including older hardware. However, for optimal performance, your device should have a stable internet connection.

Zoiper offers both free and premium versions. The free version provides basic calling features, while the premium version includes enhanced functionality such as call recording, conferencing, and more.

Zoiper takes security seriously. It offers encryption for voice calls using protocols like TLS/SRTP and ZRTP. It's also important to use secure passwords and be aware of common internet security practices.

Yes, Zoiper supports multi-line management which is beneficial for businesses. This means you can have multiple calls running at the same time, switching between them as necessary.

Yes, Zoiper supports both attended and blind call transfers, making it suitable for business environments where call transfers are common.

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