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Best business phone system comparison

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How do you select a phone system that fits your organization?

A phone system: what is it really nowadays?

Telephone exchanges are actually out of date. They used to be relied upon much more frequently than today. In the past, it was common to have to call a switchboard before you spoke to the person who you actually wanted to speak. It was the switchboard operator who had to put you through to the actual contact person. Many people think that telephone exchanges no longer exist. These people probably have no idea what a modern telephone exchange is. Instead of using telephone operators, a modern telephone exchange uses the Internet. In fact, this way, voice is merged with data, making the whole process a lot faster and easier. There are currently two types of this type of modern PBX available, VoDSL and VoIP.

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Do I need a virtual call center?

Of course, this varies from company to company. If you are a sole proprietor or a small business that does not handle many incoming or outgoing calls, then a call center may not be necessary. But if you run a business where the telephone is one of the main communication channels for your customers, then a call center is definitely a requirement.

For customers, it is obviously very important that they receive good service when they contact your customer service department. If they have an excellent experience and are satisfied with the contact with the call center employee, this will leave a good impression. You will have a loyal customer who will not switch to the competitor easily. Therefore, it is important that you can offer a great call center experience to your customers. With a virtual call center, you can handle both inbound and outbound calls and provide your customers with excellent service.

All-in-one total package

What are the advantages of a VoIP phone system?

By now, it's already clear that there are many benefits associated with a virtual phone system. Below we explain some of the advantages.

  • No hardware requirement for telephony: to handle calls, you no longer need a fixed telephone connected to the telephone network. You can very easily use a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

  • Quick installation: you can set up a call center and add employees within minutes. Download and install the app (by using QR code) and you can get started right away.

  • Take calls from anywhere: your employees are no longer tied to a fixed location and have the flexibility to take calls from anywhere, whether it's from the office or even from home.

Change availability: call center employees can very easily specify when they are available or not. They can choose between different statuses: available, unavailable or on break. This status is immediately updated in the system, automatically routing incoming calls to an available employee.

Unlimited scalability: with a VoIP PBX, you can enjoy limitless scalability. Employees can easily be added or removed from the system, allowing it to fully grow with your business.

Additional features: a virtual call center also comes with many additional features such as a digital answering machine, a queue for when employees are unavailable, a welcome message, a drop-down menu to transfer callers to the right person or department, call recording, statistics and much more.

No need to hire an external call center: Because setting up and managing your own call center is so easy, as an entrepreneur you no longer need to invest in an external call center. This not only gives you more control over what happens in the call center, it also results in big savings.

Setting up your own virtual call center

Setting up your own virtual call center is not difficult at all. With the help of the right software, you can get started yourself. The Belfabriek app for iPhone, iPad and Android is a good solution for this. The app is suitable for different types of organizations, from SMEs, start-ups, large companies to governments. It is easy to set up and convenient to use, for both employees and company administrators.

To set up the virtual call center, all employees must download and install the app on their device. Everyone on the team who uses the app is then part of the virtual call center. The employees can then use the app to indicate their status themselves, with a choice of three different options: available, unavailable or on break. The virtual system then knows exactly which employee is free to serve customers and take incoming calls. Wherever these employees are, in the office or at home, they are all part of the system and can quickly assist customers.

In short, with a virtual call center you get a whole host of useful features in a phone system that allows employees to handle a large number of incoming calls from different locations and provide excellent customer service to each caller. So it's ideal for any organization that wants to offer their customers the best of the best!

Most complete set of features

We think these are important features that come standard with a number. With us, they are all included in your fixed subscription fee.

Other providers of business phone numbers charge all sorts of extra fees. For example, you pay extra for a recorded welcome text, a selection menu, a caller queue and the option to record a message. Each of these functions can cost you an extra 10 to 75 euros per month.

In a nutshell the benefits for choosing a cloud phone system from Belfabriek:

- Complete all-in-one phone system: business phone, online calling software, web portal and apps (iPhone, Android)

- All useful (optional) features such as call recording, call forwarding to mobile (business phone number on your smartphone device), choice menu and caller queue are included free of charge in the office plan.

- No new hardware or phones required per se

- Register an easy to remember phone number easily

- Suitable pricing for businesses of al sizes, starting at 22.5 EUR per month.

- Install our business phone apps easily by QR code for both Android and iOS.

And last but not least, for (small) entrepreneurs and organizations that have lost sales Covid-19 we can send your first Yealink business phone, worth 75 euros, for free. For other companies we can provide a free trial telephone without obligation.

The Yealink T-43U SIP is not just another business phone, but in our humble opinion the cream of the crop of hard phones. Our experts know the phone inside and out. Although the phone is extremely user-friendly, rest assured that our specialists can assist you quickly should any questions arise.

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