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How does a cloud phone system work?

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Before anyone starts working with a cloud-based telephone exchange they will naturally want to know exactly how it works. If you are a company and you notice that an (outdated) telephone exchange is becoming more and more limited, then it is worthwhile to investigate the possibility. There is a reason why more and more companies are choosing this option. What especially stands out is that it is more efficient, offers more flexibility and you can adjust everything quickly when situations suddenly change.

Why is a phone system in the cloud online useful?

This is not only a good option for companies that have been working with a classic telephone exchange for a while. When a company has not worked with a switchboard at all but has grown quite a bit, it can make many tasks much easier. The investment that must be made to arrange telephony in the cloud will in most cases certainly pay off.

Today, people are on the move more often than ever, especially for work. Whether they are working in different locations on a daily basis, or often traveling abroad. With a cloud phone system, you as a company make the accessibility of your employees better and easier.

In addition to working in different places, it is becoming increasingly common to be reachable at times outside of normal office hours. By forwarding business numbers to mobile numbers, the staff is already well on their way. Because incoming calls can be forwarded to other employees at all times, customers will also have to wait less time. In short, there is quite a bit of profit to be gained from the proper integration of a cloud-based telephone exchange.

Make sure an internet telephone exchange works as well as possible

To ensure that optimal performance can be achieved with telephony in the cloud, certain things are important. One important requirement is a fast internet connection. The better this is, the easier it will be to work. When it is good, it will make everything work much better. So it is important, especially in an office, to look for a connection that is good enough, even with many people working on it at the same time. Options to ensure this are a fiber connection or two different connections. so you can use one for telephony in the cloud and the other for data.

Summary: unique benefits of the Belfabriek phone system

- Complete all-in-one phone system: business phone, online calling software, web portal and apps (iPhone, Android)

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- No new hardware or phones required per se

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- Suitable pricing for businesses of al sizes, starting at 22.5 EUR per month.

- Install our business phone apps easily by QR code for both Android and iOS.

And last but not least, for (small) entrepreneurs and organizations that have lost sales Covid-19 we can send your first Yealink business phone, worth 75 euros, for free. For other companies we can provide a free trial telephone without obligation.

The Yealink T-43U SIP is not just another business phone, but in our humble opinion the cream of the crop of hard phones. Our experts know the phone inside and out. Although the phone is extremely user-friendly, rest assured that our specialists can assist you quickly should any questions arise.

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