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Business Phone Number Forwarding

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For entrepreneurs and (international) companies, Belfabriek has the perfect solution to forward your business phone number to 1 or more people.

On our special Call Team page configured for each client, all employees can indicate real-time availability.

Thus, the business phone number is forwarded to whoever is available at that time.
Your call team can consist of 1 person, 2 people or as many as 100 people (or more). So you easily build your own virtual call centre.

You are always optimally accessible under 1 fixed business number.

And with all the features such as call recording, a choice menu and a call queue, you have a perfect fixed telephony solution.

Easily activate your business phone number online today and transfer your current phone number to us so you can start using your Call Team page soon!

Other benefits include:

1. no need to transfer your mobile phone: all calls come in on your landline number

2. no need to forward your fixed phone: all calls will come in on your fixed central number

3. call forwarding with all kinds of codes on your mobile no longer needed either: because all calls come in on your fixed business number.

Our Call Team page works with all phones: fixed and mobile: at home, on the road and in the office.

Frequently asked questions:

How can I forward a number?

When your phone number is active at the Belfabriek, you can forward calls to whoever is available. You can set this up on the special Call Team page. We forward calls to all fixed and mobile phones, at home and at the office.

How can I forward my phone to another number ?

On the call team page, set who is available (and who is not) and our call computer will know who to transfer calls to.

Can you forward a mobile number ?

You can forward your mobile phone to another number. However, you can only forward one call at a time. We therefore recommend getting a virtual business phone number that can forward to several phones at the same time. That way, you never miss a call and you are always reachable.

What does *21 do ?

On some telephony networks, you can forward calls with the network code 21. When you enter this code, your phone transfers calls. It is more convenient to take a virtual phone number and forward it to your call team. This works better and looks more professional.

I want to forward my phone, how do I do that?

If your phone number is active on our business telephony platform, you can list on your Call Team page all colleagues who can answer calls for you. You no longer need to transfer calls individually. This is then managed centrally.

How many call transfers can I do on my landline number ?

You can configure an unlimited number of call forwardings on your phone system. Supplemented by a choice menu and out-of-hours call forwarding. Just contact us to discuss your business telephony situation and we can also forward your fixed number for optimal reachability.

I already have a landline number, can I transfer it to you so that I can use these features ?

We can activate your existing number on our telephony platform so that you too can start using all these features on the same business number.

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