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Activate a business phone number: ideal nationwide company phone numbers

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Among the most popular number types are business numbers. Applying for these can be done by any business owner. These phone numbers are suitable for businesses of all shapes and sizes: from sole traders to large companies with several branches across the country. In this article, we would like to tell you how you can apply for a business number and how this works with business telephony.

What is a business phone number?

A business number is a special set of telephone numbers for businesses.

In practice, many associations, institutions and other organisations also use this type of telephone number because of its many advantages. The name mainly indicates business use.
A business number is a non-geographic telephone number. These area codes are not tied to any city or region. The caller cannot therefore deduce the region or place of business from the area code. Private numbers can be reached both nationally and internationally at the standard rate.

Advantages of business phone numbers

It is no wonder that more and more entrepreneurs are requesting company phone numbers. After all, this type of phone number brings with it all sorts of attractive benefits.

  • Sales throughout the country

    Corporate numbers are non-geographic. This makes these numbers very suitable for organisations that want to address the national market.

  • Reachable on any device

    The final destination of company phone numbers can be any device: a mobile phone, a fixed line or a VoIP phone. Switching to another extension is done in a matter of seconds.

  • Be reachable at local rates

    Business telephone numbers have a favourable call rate, which is the same as that of normal telephone numbers.

  • Always keep the same numbers

    Changing numbers is no longer an option. Company numbers are virtual numbers that connect to the terminals of your choice. Even if these extensions or destination numbers change, your customers won't notice.

Frequently asked questions

Can I apply for a phone number as an individual?

We target the business market with business telephony services. You can request a phone number from us only as a company.

Can a business phone number also be used with VoIP telephony ?

Company numbers can be used with all types of telephony including VoIP telephony.

I have several branches with all different regional key figures and I want 1 central phone number.

For that, these national phone numbers are perfect. We can distribute incoming calls to the branches with a choice menu or automatically based on the caller's location.

I also have a regional number, should I cancel it ?

If you own 1 or more regional numbers, this is not a problem and you can keep them. Separately, you can then apply for a national business phone number for a national look and feel. Then use this phone number on your website and your advertising material.

Do I still need a phone system for a company number ?

All possible telephony functionalities for a professional appearance come with your new number. So you no longer need to buy a separate phone system for your business.

I want to request a company phone number immediately.

Find a nice phone number from the list of free business numbers on our website and fill in your details, and you will be instantly reachable on a nice business phone number within 1 working day.

Can I also have calls come in on my mobile phone ?

We can transfer incoming phone calls to your mobile or landline phone at home or at the office. You can change this in real time on our dedicated call team page.

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