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Four reasons to set up a direct dial number

Published in Voice over IP

When setting up a phone system, you want callers to be answered as quickly as possible.

This is not only important for a customer-friendly appearance but also allows your company to make the best possible use of all its employees.

One of the handy features of a phone system that can be used for this purpose is a direct dial number.

Below you can read what a direct dial number is, how to set it up and the four main reasons why a direct dial number is indispensable for every large company.

What is a direct dial number?

A direct dial number is a short code where the caller is transferred directly to a specific extension or employee.

Another term used for direct dial is speed dial.

A direct dial number can be chosen after the phone menu. In the phone menu, a specific department can be chosen or the person's direct dial number can be selected.

Depending on the choice made, the caller is then transferred at department level or person level.

A direct dial number can also be selected for internal calls.

How is a direct dial number set up?

The basis of a direct dial number is that each employee is provided with a personal direct dial number linked to the telephone handset. To ensure that every employee has a personal direct dial number, you need to programme it in the phone system with each user.

The forwarding number settings can be fully tailored to the organisation's needs and requirements. In addition, they can be flexibly adjusted or scaled up.

Why would you choose a direct dial number?

Setting up a direct dial number has many advantages, both for callers and employees of the organisation.

Below are the main advantages of a direct dial number:

1. Customers are transferred directly to the right employee

Because the number is linked to a specific employee, the caller immediately ends up with the right contact person.

2. An improved customer experience

As customers are helped faster by the right employee, this contributes to a better customer experience.

A direct dial number is a smart solution to make your business telephony more efficient.

3. Working more efficiently and productively

A direct dial number is more efficient for both customers and employees. Because the caller immediately gets the right person on the line, unnecessary forwarding is avoided. This way, customers are helped faster and employees can speak to more customers.

4. Flexible and future-proof working

Setting up a direct dial number can be flexibly adapted to the organisation's needs and requirements. Employees remain easily accessible regardless of whether they are working in the office, at home or on the road. In addition, direct dial numbers can easily be scaled up in times of extra workload or if your business grows.

Frequently asked questions

When is it convenient to work with a direct dial number ?

Working with a direct dial number is useful when many callers call for the same person. You can then give this person his or her own direct-dial number, making them easier to dial. Colleagues then no longer need to transfer calls.

Is a direct dial number the same as an extension number ?

Yes, both terms are used interchangeably. They are actually unique phone numbers from your own internal range that redirect to a specific extension or external phone number.

I want to use a phone number only as a virtual phone number and forward it to my mobile phone.

You can, and you won't have to work through-dial numbers. This is only useful for very large groups of people who need to be called.

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