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How to block unwanted callers and pest callers

Published in Customer Contact

You want to provide the best possible service with your business phone number.

Our phone system allows you to greet callers with a welcome text and quickly connect them to an available employee by means of a selection menu.

 Nothing is more important than the reachability of your phone number.

Sometimes it turns out that phone numbers are called by unwanted callers or pest callers.
These could be competitors trying to give you a hard time. But it could also be that you still get calls long after an advertisement of yours has expired.

In either case, it is useful to be able to block these unwanted callers on your phone number.
Adding this caller's number in the 'blacklist' will block this incoming call the next time.
This way, you prevent unwanted calls and keep your phone number free for important customers and desired callers.

Another example of a handy service from Belfabriek !

Frequently asked questions:

What can I do about annoying phone calls ?

You can block annoying callers in your dashboard by adding these phone numbers to the 'blacklist'. These callers will then be blocked a next time.

What does a blocked caller get to hear ?

A blocked caller will be told "Access to this phone number is blocked for you."

How to block an unknown number ?

If you are being harassed by an unknown number and your phone number is active through us please contact our support department. They can investigate the number and block the unknown phone number.

I want to block pest callers, how do I do this ?

If you are bothered by pest callers, write down the phone numbers of these callers. Log into your dashboard and enter these numbers in the blacklist ('blacklist'). These pest callers will then be blocked on the next call.

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