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How to get an italian phone number?

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Italy - the cradle of Western culture - is a country with no less than 60 million potential customers. Their interest in slow food and other quality products creates opportunities for international entrepreneurs like you. But how do you engage with the Italian market?

A telephone number in Italy is a must if you want to conquer this Mediterranean market. In addition, the English speaking of the average Italian is limited and it is appreciated if an Italian-speaking employee answers the phone. It doesn't matter where that employee is located if you let Belfabriek set up an Italian telephone number for you.

Virtual business in Italy

Admittedly, an office in Italy can help you integrate more quickly into the Italian market. But before you do, you'll need to invest a lot in a business property, office or shop, in equipment and furniture, permits, tax registration, and so on.

With a website and an Italian phone number, you don't have to wait for all that and you get a first indication of your possibilities of success in this new market. The good news is that you do not have to be physically in Italy to pick up the phone. Belfabriek's virtual phone numbers will connect you to any number in the world. So you can just pick up the phone in your office, or even your home, when a customer calls your Italian number.

Types of phone numbers

Show Italy that you have a heart for the country with a national number in this country. Your decision to have a telephone number in Italy is therefore an important one, but it does not stop there. Because in Italy, as in other countries, you have the choice of all sorts of telephone numbers. Shall we list them for you?

Free for callers: 800 numbers

With an 800 number, Italians can call you for free. This is very inviting in a chatty and sociable country, allowing you to maximize the number of contact moments. The national appeal ensures that you attract callers from Torino to Palermo.

Geographical numbers

You can also register local Italian telephone numbers with Belfabriek, for example in Milan or Rome. These telephone numbers are also cheaply accessible, but instead of a national look and feel they have a strong regional or local character. This is due to the area codes, which make these phone numbers recognisable and create trust in the local market. This is especially suitable for companies that have several branches in Italy or that have a visiting address or shop at one location in the country. For a local number you need a local office though.

Many extra options included

As you can see, there are important differences between these available Italian numbers. But whichever number you choose, you will always enjoy the same generous package of extras. By that, we mean the options that allow you to customise your telephone number.

Where other providers are happy to charge you extra, with Belfabriek you pay a fixed, low monthly rate. This gives you access to all kinds of handy features that you can turn on and off or change as you like. Let's take a look at some examples of those features.

Change final destination

The Italian telephone numbers that you register with us are virtual numbers: they connect callers to the telephone number that you set up. And you can change that so-called final destination number whenever you want. Useful when your employee(s) have to leave their desk or are on a work-related trip.

Welcome callers

Welcome your Italian customers with a (fluent Italian) welcome text, recorded by one of your employees or by a professional voice actor or actress. This way, you make a neat first impression and put callers at ease right away. It is very easy to adapt, which is nice around the holidays or during holiday periods, for example.

Neatly in line

If your Italian number temporarily receives a lot of callers, the call queue function automatically queues them up. A periodic notification tells you how many people are on hold before the caller.

Leave a voicemail message

In busy times or after closing time, you can offer callers the option of leaving a message. You will then immediately receive a link to the audio recording in your mailbox. This way, you can call these customers back when you are able to do so.

You can set these and many other functions, including call recording, via your browser in your online dashboard. If you are on the road a lot, our mobile app is a good solution: it allows you to activate, configure or stop these extra functions anywhere and anytime.

Why choose Belfabriek?

Thousands of companies have registered their telephone numbers with us - close to home, but also in countries like Italy. They have several reasons for doing so. We list the three most important ones below.

  • Fast registration
    We will register your Italian number with the same ease and speed as a service number elsewhere, with as little red tape as possible.

  • Clear, low rates
    With us, there is no small print or penalties. Instead, you pay a fixed, low monthly fee and competitive costs per minute and call. So you know exactly where you stand.

  • Full control
    You have already seen some of the useful features that come with your Italian phone number. It allows you to offer your callers the best possible telephone service. Thanks to the online dashboard and mobile app, you can make changes anytime, anywhere.

Register your Italian number now

The total package that the Belfabriek offers is very attractive. No wonder many companies and individuals have registered their domestic and international numbers with us. If you also want to benefit from the many advantages, register your Italian number today. Choose from 800 numbers (free for callers), or local numbers in all kinds of Italian cities.

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