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How to get Portuguese phone number

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What is Portugal's phone number?

Portugal's country code is 00351. Or enter +351.

What are Portuguese mobile numbers?

In Portugal, mobile phone numbers generally start with a 9.
E.g. 91, 927, 96.

Suppose you want to call a Portuguese mobile number from abroad, compose the phone number to be entered as follows (fictitious example number): + 351 91 123 456 789

Useful Portuguese phone numbers

Phone numbers that are always handy:

Emergency number: 112

Maritime police: 210 911 100

Poisoning: 808 250 142

As a foreigner, can I also get a Portuguese number?

Yes, you can. At Belfabriek, you can broadly define 2 different types of
Portuguese phone numbers, which we will briefly explain below.

Local numbers

Does your company have a strong connection to the Lisbon region? Then you can
easily apply for a 21 number through Belfabriek. In principle, Belfabriek can register all possible local area codes.

National 800 numbers

Do you want to offer your products and/or services all over Portugal? Then a
national 800 number is perfect for that. These numbers
are therefore not tied to a particular city or region and therefore enjoy a
national image. Callers can call these numbers free of charge. The operator of the number pays for all call costs.

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