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Because every call really counts and sometimes even lives are involved, emergency lines and helplines are one of the most difficult kinds of phone services to set up.

Whether it is a technical helpline, an emergency number for drivers with breakdowns or a medical emergency number, with our Interactive Voice Response telephony platform (IVR), your emergency line stands like a house.

Our high quality of service, our own telecom interconnect and the platform developed entirely by ourselves has made us a provider for emergency lines and helplines for many years.

In this article, we explain to you how to set up your own emergency number or emergency line right away.

Step 1: choose a phone number

You have a choice of local phone numbers for an emergency line or national phone numbers. Toll-free phone numbers are also available.

The choice of phone number will usually be determined by the audience.

Do you want to keep your service as accessible as possible or do you offer an added value for which callers are willing to pay extra?

Step 2: plan your availability

Who answers the phone when it rings? What happens if the person is busy? A schedule ensures that the reachability of your emergency line is optimal.

Because emergency lines have long opening hours (often even 24/7), they work in different shifts.

It is therefore necessary that all employees can answer incoming calls anywhere: at home, in the office or on the road.

With our handy team page, all employees can easily switch availability on or off themselves. This way, our telephony platform always knows exactly to whom calls can be forwarded.

Step 3: set up a welcome message

With a welcome message, callers are greeted first as soon as they call the emergency line.

This immediately reassures them that they are dealing with a professional service and confirms that they have made a good choice to call.

You can record and provide an audio file for this welcome text yourself, or use our text-to-speech bot.

Supply us with the text the caller needs to hear and we will take care of the rest.

Step 4: get to know the online customer environment

A good emergency line provider offers you a comprehensive customer portal in which you fully manage your emergency line.

For example, you will find all number settings on one clear page, where you can switch functions on and off directly. You also have access to extensive call statistics.

One of our friendly colleagues can show you around the online dashboard in half an hour and go through with you how to adapt your number perfectly to your wishes and needs. Of course, we can also do the entire management and configuration for you, which is perhaps even better with an important emergency line and many volunteers. We are happy to help!

Step 5: improve your services

Even after your emergency line is up and running, you will want to make sure you keep improving your service continuously. Handy extra features such as comprehensive statistics help with this and the ability to record incoming calls.

By using Call-recording, you not only have the possibility to listen back to caller information, but you can also use these call recordings to train employees and increase the quality of service.

Choose an experienced provider

You have landed on Belfabriek's website for a reason.

We are perhaps the best provider for your emergency number or emergency service. We understand all needs and offer smart solutions for them.

So why wait any longer? Find a great phone number in our webshop for your emergency line or contact one of our specialists!

Frequently asked questions:

I want to offer a listening ear to people with some common disability or illness with volunteers, can you set this up ?

We have many clients who offer a listening ear for a particular target group. We can distribute all calls among the available volunteers and thus set you up with a perfect nationwide number.

I want to set up an SME emergency line for entrepreneurs in distress.

Within 1 working day, we can set up a national telephone number that entrepreneurs can call at your specified rate with a specific question about, for example, taxes or subsidies. If you have the people who have the right knowledge on the subject, we can take care of the technical part and thus realise an SME emergency line for you.

I want to set up a helpline for people with the same interest, is that possible ?

Yes. We can set up a helpline for people with the same interest. This can be 1 interest or multiple interests. We can let people choose through a phone menu and thus distribute the calls. This way, the right callers get in touch with each other.

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