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Ideal for freelancers and starting entrepreneurs: fixed number on your mobile!

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Do you want a local telephone number or an extra telephone number for your business calls? Then a fixed number on mobile is the ideal solution! You can easily request the number and use it immediately. This way you can always be reached, no matter where you are.

Your own business number for ever

And: you can always keep this number for your business. Even if you buy a new mobile device with a new subscription and therefore get a new mobile number, your Belfabriek number stays the same. So you don't have to order all your leaflets and advertising material again.

Flexible switching

Do you get busier? Then forward your Belfabriek number to another device, for example your partner's or colleague's. When you are working, your colleague can answer the incoming calls. That way you will never miss any sales!

Activate functions easily

And of course you can activate all kinds of functions on the number. You can do that yourself via our portal, or we can do it for you! Do you want to record conversations? That is possible. Do you want a welcome message? A phone menu? Let us know and we will build it for you!

Register your own business phone number today and you're ready for the future! Or read another article about fixed to mobile calling !

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