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What is the best phone system for your business?

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Nowadays, everyone is mainly using smartphone or cell phones. This has everything to do with the fact that it creates more freedom for a user. Therefore, this is now the same for many people at work. Therefore, you would think that most companies would no longer need a business telephone system. This often runs through an analog phone line. This has a number of disadvantages compared to its more modern variants. What exactly these are and whether it is still useful for small businesses to have a business telephone exchange we are therefore going to discuss here.

Does it make sense for small businesses?

The better option today is to work through a VoIP connection. This stands for Voice Over IP. In short, it means that call traffic is controlled via an Internet connection. With that, you know right away what makes it different from a traditional telephone exchange.

It has many advantages over its predecessor. However, whether it is really useful for a company to start doing this depends entirely on the situation. This mainly has to do with the size of the company. But also with what functions are desired in terms of telephony, whether there is much telephone traffic and whether there are many calls from abroad.

Searching for the best provider

If the answer to all the above questions is yes, a VoIP connection will soon be cheaper.

Is it easy to be flexible with a PBX?

This is what makes VoIP so attractive. When a company grows or needs to scale back a bit, this can often be done on a monthly basis. This way you are not stuck with contracts that make you pay too much for too long. Moreover, it fits well with the way many employees and companies work today. With a mobile telephone system, working from home becomes much easier. With a mobile device connected to this software, everyone in a company can ensure that they are accessible worldwide.

In a nutshell the benefits for choosing a cloud phone system from Belfabriek:

- Complete all-in-one phone system: business phone, online calling software, web portal and apps (iPhone, Android)

- All useful (optional) features such as call recording, call forwarding to mobile (business phone number on your smartphone device), choice menu and caller queue are included free of charge in the office plan.

- No new hardware or phones required per se

- Register an easy to remember phone number easily

- Suitable pricing for businesses of al sizes, starting at 22.5 EUR per month.

- Install our business phone apps easily by QR code for both Android and iOS.

And last but not least, for (small) entrepreneurs and organizations that have lost sales Covid-19 we can send your first Yealink business phone, worth 75 euros, for free. For other companies we can provide a free trial telephone without obligation.

The Yealink T-43U SIP is not just another business phone, but in our humble opinion the cream of the crop of hard phones. Our experts know the phone inside and out. Although the phone is extremely user-friendly, rest assured that our specialists can assist you quickly should any questions arise.

Do you want to experience the quality of our telephone system and calling over the Internet?

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Connect this to your internet connection and experience the ease of our telephone system and digital calling.

This offer is without obligation and does not commit you to anything. We are so convinced of our quality that we would be happy to send you one. Of course, you can also call our staff first via phone. We have a toll free phone number (without charge for callers) for many European countries. On the contact page you will find an overview.

  • Within 2 working days you will receive a pre-configured telephone for your workplace.

  • You can connect this phone to your internet connection, and it will work immediately if you have a stabile internet connection.

  • You can make and receive trial calls at no charge. The device is also provided free of charge on a trial basis.

  • Satisfied? Then conclude your contract online or call one of our employees.

Possible next step: further expand the system with phone numbers, internal direct dial numbers and multiple devices!

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