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What are customer service phone numbers?

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More and more companies are using national phone numbers and customer service phone numbers, and calling to these numbers is becoming more and more normal. But what are customer service phone numbers and which customer service phone numbers exist?

In this article, we will try to answer these questions.

Toll-free numbers are designed to provide a telephone service. Callers to a service number get their questions answered, place an order or bank remotely - to name but a few examples.

The terms service numbers and information numbers are used interchangeably.

For a service number, you do not need to connect a new phone. It is a virtual phone number.
This means that callers are routed to existing phones and numbers. A contact number works with all existing phones, both fixed and mobile.

Different types of customer service phone numbers

Service numbers, as national information numbers, were initially used for emergency services, to listen to the weather forecast by phone and to call for the exact time (atomic time).

Then came the ability to vote live on TV programmes. In the beginning, these numbers counted only three digits. So one could dial number 007 to report a fault.

Below are the main differences between these number types.

  • Toll free phone numbers
    These 8- or 11-digit numbers are very popular with callers because they are toll-free. The number holder covers the call charges, which makes the threshold for callers as low as possible. These numbers are popular as customer service numbers or order numbers

  • National phone numbers
    National numbers are non-geographic numbers registered individually. The caller always calls at local rates. At first glance, these numbers most closely resemble ordinary numbers, while still offering all the extras of virtual numbers; they offer a nationwide feel by not being directly associated with a particular city or region. The cost to the caller is the same as that of regular local numbers.

Besides these number types, there are also erotic phone numbers. As we focus on business use of service numbers, we will leave these number types out of consideration.

Name phone numbers: easier to remember

Following developments in the United States, name numbers were introduced in the 1990s in Europe. Phones with push-buttons were already equipped with letters in many cases. This is the division used by phones:

  • No letters.

  • A, B, C (2)

  • D, E, F (3)

  • G, H, I (4)

  • J, K, L (5)

  • M, N, O (6)

  • P, Q, R, S (7)

  • T, U, V (8)

  • W, X, Y, Z (9).

Matching the digits in a service number to one of the three or four letters on the corresponding key can sometimes spell a nice word. For example, companies regularly ask us if a particular word is still available as a service number. You can do the same for your company, without having to pay a surcharge for this.

Name numbers can only be registered for the prefix 0800. So for an 8-digit service number, the name should contain at least 4 letters, while for an 11-digit name number, the word should be at least 7 characters. We say "minimum" because it is not a problem if the name is longer. The phone system simply ignores numbers that are longer and don't matter.

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Frequently asked questions

How does a customer service phone number work if I already have a phone number?

A service number is a virtual phone number. Calls are delivered to your current phone number. So you have an extra phone number which we forward.

How do I know I am being called on my service number?

We can play a beep or other notification so that you hear that your service number is being called. This is called a whisper.

I want a customer service phone number but at the usual call charges for the caller.

If you want an extra number at the usual call charges for the caller choose a national number, you will have a customer service phone number at the usual call charges.

I see the term customer service phone number and the term information number, what is the difference ?

There is no difference between the two terms. Customer service phone numbers are also called information numbers.

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