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What is the best small business phone system?

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As a business owner, you naturally want the company to be completely up-to-date, and telephony is no exception. However, traditional telephone exchanges no longer offer enough flexibility for many companies, as they have to be physically present in one location and connected with a telephone cable. Because we are all now working from home more and it is important for organizations to be able to adapt quickly to changing working conditions, a traditional telephone exchange is often no longer the best option. A modern VoIP PBX offers the ideal solution. VoIP is an abbreviation for "Voice over Internet Protocol" and it means that you no longer call via an analog or digital line, but via an Internet connection. A VoIP switchboard is therefore no longer physically located in the office, but is completely cloud-based. Anyone can use a VoIP PBX, making it a flexible solution for both large and small businesses.

Here are three reasons why you should choose a modern VoIP PBX:

1. Scalable and flexible

Since a VoIP PBX is located in the cloud, you are no longer tied to physical hardware or phone cables. All you need is an internet connection. This makes a modern phone system highly scalable and flexible and it can easily grow with the company.

Whereas in the past you could only make calls using a landline phone, on a VoIP network you can make calls using a variety of devices. Computers, laptops, cell phones, landline phones... plenty of choice.

We can divide these into two categories: hardphones and softphones.

Hardphones are physical phones that look like the normal phones we are used to and that you can put on your desk. The difference with a normal phone is that a hardphone uses an internet connection and can thus be part of the VoIP system. Softphones use an app that connects the smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer to the VoIP PBX. This allows everyone to choose the type of device they want to work with. And it is easy to install via QR code. Because there are so many possibilities, it is very easy to adapt the phone system to the company. For example, if new employees arrive, they can easily be added to the PBX. You can expand, downsize, move or even arrange telephony across multiple branches in different locations without any problems.

2. Improved accessibility and features.

With a PBX in the cloud, you are always and everywhere accessible, because you are no longer bound to a fixed location. Because you can also connect the switchboard to the smartphone, tablet or laptop, you are always available, at home, on the road or in the office. For example, does a colleague work from home, or are you on your way to a customer, as long as you are connected to the Internet, you can still receive calls.

With a modern phone system you can also set your own opening hours, where and how departments within the company can be reached, to which colleague the incoming call should go if it is not answered within 15 seconds, and so on. With a modern phone system you also have many additional functions that can make life a lot easier.

For example, you can set up a selection menu, where everyone you call hears a recorded text and can choose from several options. The software can then transfer callers to the appropriate colleague within the company. Or you can use a smart queue with its own message, or set up a waiting music for callers who cannot be helped immediately.

3. Economical

In general, modern VoIP PBXs are cheaper than standard phone lines. Because you're making calls over the Internet, a VoIP account is a lot cheaper than the cost you normally pay for a traditional phone line. As long as you have a broadband Internet connection, you can make free calls wherever you are. Even if you are calling to a landline, the cost will be lower than that of a regular phone service.

If you often call internationally, you can also save a lot through VoIP, as you no longer have to incur additional costs for an international call. You will also save on travel and training costs when you use web and video conferencing over VoIP. Since the calls at a modern PBX are made over the Internet, there is also no tax levied by governments, so it can save you considerable money.

Get started yourself

Are you interested in a modern VoIP PBX but not sure where to start or just what you need? Then please contact one of our staff. There are no costs involved for you. Our specialists will be happy to help and provide you with tailored advice for your situation.

If you want to enjoy a flexible and cheaper solution for telephony within your company, then a modern phone system is an excellent choice!

Summary: unique benefits of the Belfabriek phone system

- Complete all-in-one phone system: business phone, online calling software, web portal and apps (iPhone, Android)

- All useful (optional) features such as call recording, call forwarding to mobile (business phone number on your smartphone device), choice menu and caller queue are included free of charge in the office plan.

- No new hardware or phones required per se
- Register an easy to remember phone number easily
- Suitable pricing for businesses of al sizes, starting at 22.5 EUR per month.
- Install our business phone apps easily by QR code for both Android and iOS.

And last but not least, for (small) entrepreneurs and organizations that have lost sales Covid-19 we can send your first Yealink business phone, worth 75 euros, for free. For other companies we can provide a free trial telephone without obligation.

The Yealink T-43U SIP is not just another business phone, but in our humble opinion the cream of the crop of hard phones. Our experts know the phone inside and out. Although the phone is extremely user-friendly, rest assured that our specialists can assist you quickly should any questions arise.

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