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How to get your own Singapore Phone Number

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Many international organisations and companies have their headquarters in Singapore.

Doing business in Singapore offers many advantages to international entrepreneurs and companies, making it an attractive destination for investment and trade. Its strategic location at the heart of Southeast Asia makes Singapore a key hub for trade and connectivity, with excellent access to the region's fast-growing markets. Singapore's stable political environment, sound laws and regulations, and transparent rule of law contribute to a favourable business environment. It is also one of the world's most competitive economies, with a highly skilled workforce, advanced infrastructure and strong government support for innovation and technological development. Singapore offers attractive tax benefits, such as low corporate tax rates and numerous tax treaties, which appeal to foreign investors.

If you are a company doing business with businesses or consumers in Singapore, it is important to be easily accessible to your Singapore customers. We are registered as a telecommunications operator in Singapore. So we can quickly and accurately provide you with a Singapore phone number. 

What is the country code for Singapore? 

The country code for Singapore is +65. If you see +65 before a phone number, it is a Singapore phone number. If you want to call Singapore yourself, dial +65 or 0065 when dialing a Singapore phone number. 

What are mobile phone numbers in Singapore? 

In Singapore, mobile phone numbers generally start with an 8. 

Useful Singapore phone numbers

Useful phone numbers in Singapore Ambulance and Fire Service: 995
Ambulance (non-emergency): 1777
Police: 999
Traffic Police: 6547 0000
Police SMS (if call is not possible) 71999

Frequently asked questions:

We usually have a Singapore number active for you within 1 working day. You can use it immediately and we will forward incoming calls to your current landline or mobile phone in any country in Europe.

A phone number in Singapore can be reached from abroad by adding the country code +65 before the number.

When Singapore customers call you on your Singapore number, we will either play a short beep (the caller will not hear it) or we will play a message so you know how to answer the call.

You can request a Singapore number directly from us online. We will normally have it active for you within 1 working day. We are officially registered as a telecom operator in Singapore to give you the best service and quality. We can forward calls to your mobile number or to your office in any country in Europe.

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