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Telephony Solutions for Business

Published in Voice over IP

Every company wants to be easily accessible by phone to customers, suppliers and relations.
As such, the phone remains one of the most important contact options, alongside e-mail, chat and SMS.

Entrepreneurs - especially after the disappearance of PSTN phone lines - are increasingly opting for VoIP solutions or for a fixed-to-mobile solution, where the business phone number connects to one or more mobile devices of colleagues.

The benefits of VoIP solutions

VoIP stands for Voice Over IP which means that the phone connection is set up over the Internet rather than through a traditional phone line.

This brings a lot of advantages. When business telephony runs through a VoIP solution, there is no longer a need for a physical phone system. In addition, the phone system is hosted in Belfabriek's cloud.

Scaling up is easy with a VoIP solution and management can be done remotely in your own environment. The call quality is very good and, depending on the device used, even in HD quality.

Important with a VoIP solution is a stable Internet connection and a good IT partner that is responsible for the construction and maintenance of your data network.

Fixed-mobile integration

Another frequently chosen telephony solution for entrepreneurs within business telephony is to activate a virtual business phone number.

Incoming calls are transferred to the entrepreneur's mobile phone or those of available colleagues.

The availability of colleagues can be easily set up on a dedicated call team page. This way, our telephony platform always knows to whom a call can be forwarded.

This is the most commonly chosen option for companies with up to 10 employees or for larger companies that want a dedicated phone number for a marketing or sales promotion.
Another big advantage of this solution is that one does not have to depend on a working Internet connection.

Also, there is no need to install an app to receive phone calls on it first.
Incoming calls are always delivered correctly, one does not miss a single call. This solution is also often used for an emergency number or disaster line.

Additional features via Belfabriek

When opting for a business telephony solution from Belfabriek, in addition to the advantages that a virtual phone number already offers, there are many additional features that make contact moments even more customer-friendly and efficient. For example, a phone menu can be set up. This allows callers to be transferred directly to the right department.

It is possible to record a welcome message to welcome customers. If you want to make it even more professional, you can choose to have a welcome message recorded by a professional voice, completely adjusted to your wishes.

A voicemail can be tailored to the situation of your company. You can also use it as a digital answering machine where customers can leave messages such as orders, which can then be processed. The voicemail message is sent as an audio file to the right employee, so that he or she can deal with it at the right time.

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