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Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is an online collaboration tool from Microsoft that is included as standard in some of the Office 365 licenses.


Microsoft Teams is an online collaboration tool from Microsoft that is included as standard in some of the Office 365 licenses. The program allows people inside and outside the organization to chat, (video) call, and collaborate on documents.

Microsoft Teams is the central collaboration hub of an organization. It combines various functionalities with each other in order to be able to work together optimally. Employees are increasingly located in different places, which makes a collaboration tool necessary. Microsoft Teams gives employees the functionalities they need to stay in touch with each other.

What kind of companies is Microsoft Teams suitable for?

All sizes of companies, from SMEs and large companies.

Calling in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams makes it possible for colleagues to call each other. This is possible from a mobile device or a laptop. This way, colleagues who work at different locations can be reached optimally, so you can quickly coordinate something with each other. Calling each other is extremely easy and can be done via a headset, for example. This way, colleagues can quickly coordinate with each other.

Microsoft Teams also offers the possibility to call external persons. This is done by means of a Microsoft Teams telephony integration. With Microsoft Teams telephony, it will be possible to make and receive calls from external persons. This extra integration links a VoIP telephone exchange to the current Microsoft Teams environment.

Details about Microsoft Teams

Original launch date: March 14, 2017
Successor to: Skype for Business

Free Trial: Yes, indefinite free plan
Pricing: Starting at 3,40 Euro per user per month

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is possible to register your business phone number(s) at Belfabriek and connect it to your existing Microsoft Teams set-up.

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Microsoft Teams can be connected to Asana, Dynamics 365, GitHub, Hootsuite, Hosted Virtual Desktop from the Cloud, Intercom, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft OneNote, Microsoft Planner, Microsoft Power BI, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft Word, Skype for Business, Smartsheet, Trello, Wrike, Zendesk

In case of questions or problems, customers can reach Microsoft Teams support through e-mail, a forum, and live chat 24/7.

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