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What is 030 phone number? All about UK 030 phone numbers

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What is a 030 phone number?

A 030 phone number is a national UK phone number. This means that the phone number is not associated with any specific city or region.

For example, the area code 204 belongs to London. And the area code 1618 belongs to Manchester. A 030 phone number is not linked to any city and can therefore be considered as a national phone number.

What are the advantages of 030 phone numbers for organisations?

Because these phone numbers are national and not local, they address potential customers all over the country. So the caller cannot deduce the origin or place of business from the area code.

It is a neutral telephone number in that sense. A Cardiff 2921 phone number may seem strange to customers in Newcastle. And vice versa. For organisations that offer products or services all over the country, it can therefore be a wise choice to create a location-independent phone number.

The cost for callers is the same as calling a landline number. This applies to the whole of UK. So these phone numbers are also attractive for callers in that respect.

However, not as attractive as 0800 numbers that are completely free to call.

But, with a 0800 number the organisation that manages the number pays the full cost of the call. In some cases this is not desirable or too expensive for the organisation in question. In such cases an 030 number is an ideal solution.

What are 030 phone numbers used for?

030 phone numbers are becoming more and more popular. There are many companies that use a 030 number. Sometimes as a main number, other times to support a campaign or as a temporary service number. But also self-employed people and web shops like to use them, for example to underline that they are active nationwide. Apart from image benefits - a 518 number looks professional and prevents companies from being seen as local players - there are also practical benefits.

How much does a 030 number cost?

A 030 number costs €45 per month. Belfabriek does not charge for calling at normal, average usage (fair use policy) of 030 numbers. In other words: no costs per second or minute will be charged. In addition, all advanced functions and tools are included with 030 numbers. No surprises afterwards.

How long does it take before the 030 number is active?

In general 030 numbers are active within one day after application.

Why can you deliver a number so much faster?

Belfabriek can deliver a large number of 030 numbers directly from stock. You can choose from a large list of available numbers. For this reason you don't have to wait for weeks until a number is active, as can be the case with other providers. That makes these 030 numbers ideal for entrepreneurs who want to get started quickly.

Do I need to get a new phone or install software?

No. Calls come in on your existing phones; fixed or mobile. Therefore no changes are needed to your current infrastructure. For example, you do not need to invest in new telephones, telephone lines or exchanges. You do not need to install any software either.
You can easily manage your 030 phone number via the cloud using our easy-to-understand system.

So you can simply use your 030 business phone number from your mobile. But it can also be directly switched to a regular landline or a VoIP phone. The phone number can thus be flexibly managed from wherever you want. Ideal if you or your employees want to work from home. Or to be able to take business calls when you are on the road or on a business trip.

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